The team at Bluethumb spends a lot of time behind the scenes helping to generate online traffic to Bluethumb, and more specifically, to our artists' profile and artwork pages. After all, your success is our success! πŸŽ‰

We often receive feedback, questions and requests from Bluethumb artists on how they can help increase the visibility of their artworks. Well, we've listened, thought, planned, designed, and are now proud to announce a suite of newly developed artist promote tools to help share your Bluethumb artworks amongst your own networks of collectors, fans and friends.

How do you communicate with your art network? Via email, your own blog, social media, perhaps a combination of all of these? Either way, we have you covered with our new promote tools.

  • These promote tools are freshly minted, so get started and let us know how you go. We're looking for feedback on how to make them better and easier to use. *

You'll see we've included two rating scales also:

  • πŸ’Š Promote tool power rating (1=low; 5=strong) > a guide to the potential for the tool to generate traffic to your profile and artworks; in general, the more visual the tool, the greater chance it has of being clicked on

  • πŸ”§ Ease of use score (1=easy; 5=less easy) > the more sophisticated tools may require a bit more setup to get going; we'd encourage you have a go though, as these tools usually have the highest power rating!


Getting started > how to access your artist promote tools

  • Login to Bluethumb and head to your Dashboard

  • You'll see a megaphone Promote icon between Profile and Artwork; click on this

  • As you scroll down, you'll see a section for each of the 4x main tool types (more details within each section below)

  • The My Referrals table at the bottom is your main individual level tracker

  • Monthly Referrals up on the top right tallies a total for the month, so you can compare month-on-month performance quickly at a glance

  • Beneath Monthly Referrals you'll see two spaces for promote tool education articles. The Bluethumb team will rotate the content within these as we start to receive feedback on the promote tools, and address common queries from artists using the promote tools


'Share Your Bluethumb Profile' promote tools

  • Share a link to your Bluethumb profile via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email

  • This replicates the existing Share function currently on your profile page

  • Using this promote tool, rather than via your profile page, will ensure your referrals are tracked on the My Referral table though

  • A relatively basic tool, this is handy for quick social media updates, or a quick copy/paste to send to a friendΒ 

Promote tool power rating (1=low; 5=strong) = πŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
Ease of use score (1=easy; 5=less easy) Β = πŸ”§


  • Share a link to your Bluethumb profile or individual artwork + add your notes

  • A more powerful version of 'Share Your Bluethumb Profile', though with the extra ability to send links to individual artworks you have listed on Bluethumb

  • Click Create Link on your Promote page and view any existing links you may have created in the Tracking Links table

  • Click on an existing link to editΒ 

  • Click the two little squares on the right to copy the link > e.g. so you can copy/paste somewhere

  • Click the little bin icon on the right to delete a link, if no longer required

  • To create a new link, click the New Link button near the top

  • Name your link, use the dropdown menu to select where you want to the link to send people to, then add any notes for future referenceΒ 

  • The Notes section is visible only to you so feel free to write whatever you wish in here. For example, let's say you're wanting to email the same artwork separately to 3x different people. By adding their names or the reason for sending, you can then track individual clicks for each person. Pretty cool!

  • Click Generate and you're done!

  • Your new Tracking Link will now be visible with your other referrals on your My Referrals table

Promote tool power rating (1=low; 5=strong) = πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
Ease of use score (1=easy; 5=less easy) Β = πŸ”§πŸ”§


'Buttons and Badges' promote tools

  • Clear, easy to click and visual, these are your high octane promote toolsπŸ’ͺ

  • These tools we're really proud of, and have by far the most potential to continuously pull traffic to your Bluethumb profile and artworks

  • Being visual, the click through rate (CTR) of these tools is high. Use them whenever and wherever you regularly communicate with people about your art - emails, your blog, your website, wherever!Β 

  • At the bottom of your email footer is a great place to get startedΒ 

  • Note you won't be able to use these within phone texts, though the more places you can use, the more visible you'll be and the easier it will be for people to click straight through to your art

  • To get going, select your preferred Style from the drop down bar

  • Bluethumb Profile Link is a text link that clicks through to your profile. Edit the text itself as you wish within the Link Text box, though the suffix ...on Bluethumb remains always (so people know where to find you!)

  • Bluethumb Badge gives you a number of button colours, with the ability to choose from different button text and the clickthrough destination where you would like the button to click through to - either your profile page, or an individual artwork

  • Bluethumb Profile Widget gives you the ability to choose from different button text to sit within either a 3-image or 6-image display box (or widget). The images are displayed as per the sort order of your uploaded Bluethumb artworks. Pretty sweet eh! Clicking on the widget will then take people through to your profile page. We love these

  • Buy Button is just that; for those artists who manage their own blog or website with artworks listed, simply embed this button and people can click through straight to purchase on Bluethumb. Easy!

  • For either Style, click the Generate Code button then Copy Code when done. You're then good to paste within your communication tool of choice πŸ‘

  • Depending on the email (e.g. Gmail, MailChimp etc.) or website (e.g. Wordpress, Wix etc.) you use, you may need to google 'add HTML' or 'embed HTML' to grab some specific instructions. Don't worry, they're usually clear and easy to follow

Promote tool power rating (1=low; 5=strong) = πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
Ease of use score (1=easy; 5=less easy) Β = πŸ”§πŸ”§πŸ”§πŸ”§


'Invite Your Friends' promote tools

  • Invite an artist or collector friend and both receive Bluethumb creditΒ 

  • This replicates our existing Invite program, though similar to Share Your Bluethumb Profile, using the Invite promote tool will track referrals on the My Referral table

  • Very easy to use - just enter an email address - it's a win-win as you both receive Bluethumb credit to spend on your next favourite artwork purchase

Promote tool power rating (1=low; 5=strong) = πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
Ease of use score (1=easy; 5=less easy) Β = πŸ”§


All about the My Referrals table

  • The My Referrals table tracks the creation and performance of each of your referrals when using the promote tools

  • This individual level intelligence is super powerful to help understand which promote tools are or are not working for you, so you can either double-down or try a different tack

  • Click the two little squares on the right to copy the link (a faster way to copy/paste than diving into the tool itself)

  • Click the pen and paper icon on right to edit your Unique Tracking Links. Note other promote tools cannot be edited (yet...!)

  • The table will show you total clicks for each of your referrals, plus the current and previous month's clicks at a glance

  • Remember, the more clicks you see, the more people you've helped find your Bluethumb profile and Bluethumb artworks using the promote tools

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