You've just got your 'Just Sold' email - hoorah! Now to get your artwork to its forever home. Whether this is your first or your fiftieth, keep this document handy for all your sales through Bluethumb.

First off, take a look through the following resources for reference:

  1. How to pack your artwork - Acid free tissue paper or glassine paper is laid on top of the artwork surface first, then using three layers of bubble wrap. Who doesn't like extra padding on a long journey?

  2. Packaging requirements from Bluethumb.

  3. Payment related questions? Read these articles - When will I be paid? How do I update my bank details? and Understand your artist invoice.

AusPost or a Bluethumb courier? Choosing the right shipping method

Shipping with Australia Post

Artists with small to medium sized artworks (max package size 105cm x 105cm) are recommend to send their art via Australia Post. All you need to do is update your Orders page. The tracking information will then go directly to the buyer. You’ll get reimbursed even if the art is returned.

Booking a Bluethumb Courier

If the artwork exceeds 105cm on any side or you cannot get to Australia Post, you can book a Bluethumb courier. If your artwork is valued at over $3000, please use a Bluethumb courier so we can offer full insurance on the piece - your artwork won't be insured with AusPost.

Our friendly Delivery team will email you labels for the courier a day prior to the pick-up day. These need to be printed and put on the packed artwork. Without these, if your artwork is picked up, it might be deemed lost with no insurance cover - what a nightmare!

If you don't receive them the day before, feel free to email us and we'll have them to you in no time.

Managing Your Own Freight

Artists with an established Bluethumb track record can now request to manage all their own freight. This requires Bluethumb approval and an update to your artist profile by us.

Sending Two or More Artworks Together

Double win! If booking a Bluethumb courier, you can book both orders then put 'packed together with (order no)'. That way both orders will get filtered in the system. If shipping with AusPost, you can write the same note in the 'Additional information' section.

More questions? Email [email protected] or call 1800 122 486 and press 2.

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