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Why should I sell my art on Bluethumb?
Why should I sell my art on Bluethumb?

Bluethumb marketing > ripple effects when you sell an artwork through Bluethumb vs offline/directly and just mark it as sold?

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Watch our Chief Marketing Office talk about his top three tips on why you should sell through Bluethumb and what you can do to increase your visibility.


Can't watch? Read the tips below!

Our data shows that making a sale on Bluethumb, and being featured on the 'Just Sold' page increases your chances by 60% of a sale in the next fortnight. 

Let's break this down - 

What is 'Just Sold' page on Bluethumb?

When an artist sells an artwork on Bluethumb, that artwork appears on this page immediately. Just sold page is Bluethumb's 3rd most visited page (after home page and New Art page.

Why are you more likely to get more sales after appearing on 'Just Sold' page? A few factors play a big part here, such as:

1) Maximum Visibility

Hundreds of collectors click through the just sold page to see more of your work. This means your profile is getting more and more views, and your other available artworks are getting more visibility too. The more the views, more the chances of getting another sale. Everyone wants to 'View More' of what's just sold.

2) Trust of other collectors

Seeing your artwork on just sold page tells everyone that someone has just purchased your piece. This sends a clear message about your talent, and integrity as an artist. Trust and brand equity has always been a huge factor in making the final decision before hitting that 'Buy' button.

3) FOMO or Fear of Missing Out

Being the 3rd most of visited page means 100s of collectors, who're considering their next purchase (or just browsing through not knowing what they want) get to see that you've just a sold a piece. They might've seen your work before - in that case, this reinforces the trust of your success and also shows them the demand. FOMO is a big motivating factor to bring them over the line. No one wants to miss out on what's trending and scarce- which brings us to the next point.

4) What's Trending

What others are buying 'right now' is the biggest dictator of what's trending. What's trending is also going up in value - if your work is appearing in the just sold section often, that means for other collectors that your work is going up in value as it has demand.

5) Our weekly Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter to our previous collectors has a dedicated section to 'Just Sold'. This gets high number of clicks (1000s per week) and brings back collectors who've already purchased before back to see what's selling now. If you're in this section, chances are you'll be in this section again. Here's a sneak - 

6) New Followers + New Art Emails

Based on the factors discussed above (trust and trend), collectors are more likely to follow you if they like your style. Knowing you've sold before, they would like to see your new work. When they follow you on Bluethumb, every time you upload an artwork, they receive an email notification which brings them back to your profile creating a cycle of engagement.

7) Re-targeting (ads) and Dynamic Display Ads

The way our marketing works, we show ads to our collectors (outside of Bluethumb) based on what they like and would like to see. If they've clicked through to your artworks (or follow you), we'll show them your other available works too - increasing the likelihood of bringing them back to your profile - and getting a sale. You can read more about how our marketing works in these articles.


Wrap up

Being on Just Sold is starts a cycle of more views + more visibility + more engagement + more followers + more ads with your work + more sales - and on it goes. 

Here are a few recent examples - and there are plenty more on the Just Sold page - scroll through and see if you can spot a pattern.


Now you know a key secret to success. 

If you have any questions around this, feel free to talk to us via chat or email us at [email protected]

Your team at Bluethumb 💙👍

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