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How to take advantage of Bluethumb's marketing efforts?
How to take advantage of Bluethumb's marketing efforts?

Bluethumb marketing > understanding how Bluethumb's marketing works and how to be a part of it to get more sales

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First and foremost - let us understand how it works.

How does Bluethumb's marketing works?

Let's divide this in a few different sections for ease and understand how the main ones work (p.s. we have a video of our co-founder Edward talking about this towards the end).

Online paid advertising

Bluethumb pays for certain keywords (artist names, artwork categories and styles) on different platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads (+other social media) and extended to different sites/platforms. These ads are run and handled by our marketing team and includes works/names from all our Bluethumb artists.

The core target of these ads is to get your name and your profile out there - we call this 'Top of the funnel' marketing where the goal isn't to get sales from them directly but only to create "awareness" and get them familiar with the idea of buying online.

Re-targeting Ads

This is the second stage of ads, which are more specific to what the customers have already seen. This is how this works -

Once they've visited your profile and/or artworks, their online profile remembers that, and even when they leave the Bluethumb website, they see your artworks as ads on different platforms (including social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and other websites). You would've definitely seen these ads around (you may have even been served add’s of your own work!)

These are the most effective ads of all because they're relevant and targeted. They're most likely to get you a sale.

Dynamic Display Ads

These are ads run on specific platforms (you'll most likely see them on Facebook and Instagram). These look like a gallery or carousel of different artworks.

These are 'handpicked' by the algorithms for people so different people see different artworks based on their preferences, historical 'likes' and purchases if they've made any.

These are very strong converters as well.


How to take advantage of these ads (for free)?

Re-targeting Ads - These ads are triggered by people's engagement with your profile and artwork listings. The easiest way to get these firing is to point people to your profile or specific artworks. Here are a few ways you can do this -

  • Link your website or portfolio to your Bluethumb profile - Having a portfolio of your works online is great but when people see your work there and leave - there's no way to show them your works again unless they come back to your website. If your website/portfolio is linked to Bluethumb - they can click through to your Bluethumb profile and our re-targeting will kick in so they see your ads even after leaving the site. If you need help with this, just ask the team and we can assist you with this.

  • Direct people from your social media profiles to Bluethumb - See here how you can link your Instagram account to you Bluethumb profile. If you need help to link Facebook - let us know and we can assist.

  • Put your Bluethumb profile link in your email signatures and business cards.

  • When you share a new work online (Facebook/Insta/Twitter) - make sure you include a link to it on Bluethumb so they can easily click and see all details.

  • If you maintain a blog, when you talk about your artworks, link the titles and images to the respective artwork on Bluethumb.

Dynamic Display Ads - These ads get created dynamically if people have shown interest in your work previously (or have purchased similar works to yours). The more engagement your profile and artworks have with people, the more likely your artworks are to be included in this.

Paid Ads - Bluethumb already does this for you - so when you search your name, you should see these ads. We are also trialling a few 'paid' targeting ads and we'll give you more info on these in due time.

If your interested on driving further advertisement with artist paid adds then please reach out to our support team at to put you in contact with the right people.


Here's the video as promised - 

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