To increase safety and protection for artists against fraudulent transactions, Bluethumb has updated their guidelines. Please go through these in detail and strict adherence to these is a requirement and a part of Bluethumb's selling terms and conditions.

How does Bluethumb protect artists against fraudulent sales/purchases?

All transactions going through Bluethumb are 100% protected against any fraudulent activities.

  • All high-risk or suspicious orders are carefully reviewed and only shipped once they're verified by our team.

  • In the unlikely event that we identify a confirmed order as fraudulent, Bluethumb will contact you immediately. If the item has not yet shipped, or if we are able to reroute the item back to you, we will cancel the order and you will keep the artwork. However, if the order cannot be rerouted, you will still receive payment and the case will be taken over by Bluethumb.

  • When fighting fraud, awareness and experience is key. You are 100% protected from fraudulent transactions. If you suspect something, get in touch with the team asap. A few example cases can be - (1) If the collector contacts you outside of Bluethumb and asks to change the shipping address - ask them to contact Bluethumb ([email protected]). (2)A collector contacts you outside of Bluethumb to ask to send it overseas. In this case, direct them to Bluethumb and we can verify their address and look after international shipping

  • All aspects of the transaction are required to remain online. For example, if a buyer purchases one artwork via Bluethumb and then arranges to purchase three more offline/directly, Bluethumb will be unable to provide fraud protection for the three offline transactions.

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