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What happens if the buyer defaults on a payment plan?
What happens if the buyer defaults on a payment plan?

Payment plans > how does Bluethumb handle payment plan defaults

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Once the transaction is confirmed from Bluethumb and the order confirmation has been sent the order is finalised with these payment providers.

Collectors then pay the remaining owed instalments directly to the finance provider. If they are unable to make further payments, this doesn't affect the artists in any way, and is handled by the finance providers credit collection department. The sale is complete and irreversible from our side (excluding the 7 day free returns period).

Bluethumb Layby

In this method, the artist holds on to the artwork while the collector is paying installments (across 8 weeks). We directly manage the order while it is in this pending state liaising with the buyer to ensure all payments are received. We will endeavour to keep you updated on the progress and let you know if there are any delays.

If they've made one or more instalments but fail to complete the remaining payment, the order is deemed cancelled and they're refunded in full. The artwork will be placed back as available and will be available for sale.

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