You would've seen a change in some of your profile stats, namely - 'Total Profile views', 'Total Artwork Views' and 'Number of followers' in the recent past.

We implemented a new dashboard in January this year. With this, we changed how we calculate and store profile and artwork views. We made the data a bit more accurate and useful - 

  • Your own profile and artwork views are not being counted now.
  • The data display is live (i.e. if someone favs your artwork, you can see the change in your dashboard immediately).
  • Comparison of # of artworks uploaded and sold each month to show the co-relation between uploads and sales.

This change in numbers happened early Jan-19. Given the dynamic nature of these numbers (and the magnitude), we had to hold back some of the historic data (i.e. profile and artwork views from before Nov-18 are currently not visible). We have been running and monitoring the implemented system for stability, precision and accuracy. This means we're trialling out the best ways of keeping and displaying these numbers and making sure in the long run nothing breaks and the numbers are helpful and accurate.

We would've preferred to test this in a way where you, the artist, only gets the finished product so there's no confusion around this. Although, given the complexity of the project, it's near impossible to test out all the factors involved without testing it with live data (i.e. real time interaction on real profiles). This is very helpful but at the same time means if something doesn't work - you get to see it. This isn't a bad this - this only means we've found something that doesn't work and will make the system better in the long run.

All the numbers might not seem correct at times but we're closely monitoring this and that only helps us make this even better. If you see something that doesn't make sense, we'd like you to report it. You can do so by putting in the details in this form here - 

2019 is the year of change at Bluethumb and a lot of projects are churning in the pipeline. You'll see these coming one after the other. A few big ones are directly related to the artist experience (i.e. dashboard, artwork upload, artwork management, profile and artwork listings). We have some more goodies which will make your experience on Bluethumb a bit smoother.

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