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Does Bluethumb offer buyers discounts or promotions?
Does Bluethumb offer buyers discounts or promotions?

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Occasionally, Bluethumb initiates promotional campaigns or provides collectors with discount codes (ranging from 10-15%) to enhance their sense of value, encourage repeat purchases, and facilitate sales conversions for hesitant buyers.

As part of our commitment to supporting trade clients, including interior designers and repeat business buyers, Bluethumb extends occasional discount codes through a loyalty program to these clients. These codes may apply to various services such as framing and fit-outs, aiming to ease their efforts.

It's important to note that when these promotional codes are utilized, the discount amount is deducted from the total before calculating the commission split between artists and Bluethumb. This ensures a shared responsibility rather than passing on the entire discount to the artist.

In instances where collectors propose offers exceeding 15%, we will communicate these offers with you and proceed only if you are comfortable with the arrangement. We prioritize consulting artists before accepting offers that exceed the standard discount limit.

Please be aware that discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with certain payment plans such as Bluethumb Layby. Additionally, payment plans like Afterpay may carry a commission fee (5% and 10%, respectively), which will be shared between Bluethumb and the artists according to the standard commission split.

When setting the prices for your work on the site, it is advisable to consider potential discount use and adjust accordingly. By listing and selling your work on Bluethumb you are agreeing to the Bluethumb Membership Agreement, and accept the use of discounts on sales.


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