We have made some changes to Bluethumb's artist promotions policy in March-19. All artists, signed up and selling on Bluethumb are now automatically opted in to our promotions policy.

This allows Bluethumb to market your artworks on various online and print channels including but not limited to - 

  • Dynamic and re-targeting ads

  • Paid ads (including Google, Facebook and Instagram) on various online platforms

  • Inclusion in our bi-weekly newsletters to collectors

  • Inclusion in our monthly newsletter to our trade clients

  • Abandoned cart follow ups

.. and pretty much everything else that Bluethumb does to put your art out there.

This also includes your work in our trade program where we work with trade clients (including Interior designers, architects) on commercial projects.

A new addition is also Bluethumb's very own Artist Catalogue which will be used for distribution Australia wide.

Discounts/Promotion codes

From time to time, Bluethumb runs promotions campaigns which might involve discount codes (10-15%) to collectors. This helps the collectors feel valued and keep coming back to purchase more art. Bluethumb doesn't offer discount codes on new signups or new collectors to get sales, we understand this devalues the art and gives an impression of a 'discounted marketplace'.

Bluethumb also offers promotional codes occasionally to our trade clients as a part of the loyalty program along with other services (such as Framing, fit-outs etc.) to help ease their efforts.

These promotional codes, when used, are shared between artists and Bluethumb as per the normal commission split - that means that the discount amount is deducted from the total before the commission is calculated so the amount is shared and not completely passed on to the artist.

From time to time, collectors do put forward offers which might be more than 15% and we share this offer with you and only go forward if you're comfortable with it. We don't offer more than 15% amount without consulting the artists first.

The promotional codes can be used along with a payment plan (Afterpay, Zip or Art Money). In this case, the total discount and the fee for the the payment plans (5% for Afterpay and Zip and 10% for Art Money) will be shared between Bluethumb and the artists as per the normal commission split so it's not passed on to the artists in full.

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