As always, the team at Bluethumb has been hard at work improving the Bluethumb experience for both artists and collectors. In this spirit, we have introduced a number of new payment options and plans, which we wanted to take some time to detail for you.

Before we jump in, keep in mind that you don't have to do anything, other than read through the details below to understand how it all works.

So, what has changed, and what can you do to help promote these new payment options?

Four new ways collectors can pay

There's been growing demand from our existing collectors for greater flexibility to purchase artworks. We've listened, and are introducing four new payment methods designed to make buying art easier and more enjoyable. These are 'buy now, pay later' payment plans and detailed below. 

What can you do to take advantage of these services?

  • Learn more about how you can use Bluethumb and other payment methods when marketing your own websites, socials and portfolios. Promoting options to pay for your work in part-payments could open up a whole new buying market for your art - download and use the logo pack we've created

  • Include these payment logos in emails or newsletters to your followers so they know you're now offering alternative payment options

  • Understand more how Afterpay, Zip and Art Money works. That part's easy; just keeping reading!

  • Take advantage of Bluethumb's extensive marketing and promotional reach by linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and website or blog to your Bluethumb profile (re-targeting and dynamic ads etc.).



Afterpay and Zip

Chances are you've already heard of one (or both) of these services. Individually and combined they are huge. Afterpay report having around 3.6 million (AUS) users and Zip around 1.2 million. So as sellers of art, the strength and size of their audience is very compelling

Both of these services charge sellers a fee. It varies depending on the scenario but will range from 4.6% (Zip Money) to 6.6% (Afterpay). For simplicity Bluethumb will pass on an amount at the lower end of this scale and keep it at a round 5% regardless of order. If an artwork is bought using either of these services, they're shipped immediately with no delays, and payments to you will be made on time (7 days after delivery) as per normal. The Bluethumb 7-day Free Returns Guarantee applies as per normal.

The 5% fee is shared between the artists and Bluethumb. You can read the breakdown here in this article.



Bluethumb Layby

This is Bluethumb's own layby plan, designed to be simple and risk-free for both the collectors and the artist.

There's no additional fee/commission to the artist when using Bluethumb Layby. The buyer secures the artwork and agrees to pay in 4x fortnightly payments. During this period of 6 weeks, the artwork stays with the artist. Once full payment is received, we ship the artwork to the collector and the artist is paid 7 days after delivery. The Bluethumb 7-day Free Returns Guarantee applies as per normal.



Art Money

Art Money provides collectors with an interest-free payment plan (10x instalments over 10x months). You can read more on the Art Money website about how it works for collectors.

Art Money is gathering momentum with its strong presence at art events and high credit limit of $50,000 p/a. Bluethumb has been using Art Money for a while now, and as with any popular payment plan, we're finding it can increase both the quantity and value of sales.  

Art Money is a free service for collectors to encourage buying, and they earn their income by charging sellers a 10% commission per sale. On Bluethumb, for each sale, we share this fee with the artists at the same rate as artworks are paid out at. Here's the detailed breakdown on payments. Some key points to note:

  • Artwork is shipped immediately and artist payments are as per normal (ie no delay)

  • 10% Art Money cost is split between Bluethumb and artist

  • Bluethumb 7-day Free Returns Guarantee applies as per normal.

Bluethumb promotions - you're already opted-in

All artists on Bluethumb are automatically opted-in to Bluethumb's promotions (this was an optional service prior to March 2019). In a nutshell, this means that all artists are now automatically promoted and advertised by Bluethumb on various channels (online and print). You can read more on this topic here.

To wrap things up

We're really excited to introduce these new payment plans after a significant amount of research, planning, negotiation, design and development time. We strongly believe this is a positive step to getting more Australian art on more walls, and building Australia's art market through supporting you, our wonderful artists. 

Afterpay has the capacity to drive significant new buyers to Bluethumb artists, and in particular opens up art collecting to a younger demographic. 

Zip is similar to Afterpay and adds another great credit option into the mix. 

Bluethumb Layby is our own payment plan which is free of additional fees.

Art Money has already become a reliable payment partner, helping collectors acquire more valuable pieces and build a collection. 

All in all, we're expecting big things and a healthy increase in original artworks heading to happy new homes. 

Don't forget to download and start using the logo pack to help promote that your artworks can now be purchased on Bluethumb with a variety of new payment plans - it's really up to the collector.

So onwards and upwards!

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