There are a few reasons why your account has been put on hold/deactivated temporarily.

You've been inactive on Bluethumb

If you haven't signed in for over 30-45 days, your account might have been put on hold to avoid issues related to outdated information (e.g. sale of an item which isn't available anymore).

Pricing Inconsistencies

If you've recently received an email from BT team saying your account is temp on hold for pricing inconsistencies - this is nothing to be worried about. It's just to avoid any confusion for collectors.

What it means is your prices on Bluethumb are not the same as your prices on other websites (online market places) and/or your personal website or portfolio. Just get in touch with us and we can activate your account again. You can then update your pricing to make them consistent. This could also be due to your pricing being unexpectedly high or low (e.g. if your works are listed for $100,000, we will put your account on hold to verify your account).

If the email stated the reason for account hold was links/personal info on your profile, this means that you either had links to another website and/or your personal website, or personal info such as contact number or email on your profile (or artwork listings). Just get in touch with the team (reply to the email) and we'll re-activate your account so you can remove those details.

If you need help or any clarification, just let the team know by replying to the email and we can walk you through the concerns.


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