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Tips to increase engagement and sales on Bluethumb
Tips to increase engagement and sales on Bluethumb

Tips > best practices to help increases interaction and sales online

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Here are a few things you can do that some of our successfull artists do:

Link your social media (Insta/Facebook) and website/portfolio to your Bluethumb profile.


  • Generate your very own shortened URL to your profile. Checkout Susan Trudinger's cool URL - Just ask us and we'll create one for you.

  • Link from your socials to your Bluethumb profile. Have a quick read of this article with step by step instructions. See how Lisa Fahey, George Hall and O. Hiisi link their instagram accounts to their Bluethumb account.

  • Do you have a website or an online portfolio? Tell your visitors that you're a recognised Bluethumb artist by using Bluethumb's logo on your website and linking back to your profile (download it here). See how some of our best selling artists have linked their websites to their profiles - Meredith Howse, Christopher Vidal, Mike Barr and Tina Dinte.

  • Use the shortened URL in your email signatures, business cards and pretty much everywhere so people can see your work without having to ask or search.

  • Here are a few more tips on boosting your profile - How to boost your Bluethumb Profile?


  • This increases activity on your profile on Bluethumb resulting in more views, clicks and favourites.

  • When collectors click or favourite your artworks, our retargeting marketing kicks in and your artworks become visible as ads on facebook and instagram to those collectors - increasing the chances of sale.

  • If they 'Follow' you on Bluethumb, when you upload new works on your profile, they get an email notification that you've uploaded more works.

  • The more links you have from other platforms (social media, your website etc.) and emails to your Bluethumb account - the better your profile ranks in popularity on Bluethumb - increasing your visibility and eventually sales.

What else can you do?

You can mention some of our key services on your websites and social accounts to increase buyers' confidence to purchase. Mention -ย 

  • Free shipping and 7-day free returns guarantee on Bluethumb (Bluethumb even pays for return shipping).

  • Artmoney can be used to purchase artworks on lay-buy with no interest or any hidden fee on Bluethumb.

  • Dedicated, experience and lovely customer service and curatorial team (for you and the collectors) on Bluethumb.

  • Simple and easy international shipments.

We cover more topics and discussions on our regular webinars . Subscribe on Youtube to get instant notifications when we're Live.

Have questions, requests or concerns? Chat with us on the website (the blue bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen).

Hope this helps!
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