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How do I link my Instagram account to my Bluethumb Profile?
How do I link my Instagram account to my Bluethumb Profile?

Tips > step-by-step instructions to link your Instagram profile to your Bluethumb profile

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Linking your Instagram account to your Bluethumb profile is a simple and great way to direct potential clients from Instagram account to a site they can buy from instantly. You can follow the steps below to add a link to your Instagram account:

  1. Log in to your Instagram profile

  2. Go to your Profile home page and click "Edit Profile"

  3. Click "Link" and then click "+ Add external link"

  4. Go to your Bluethumb profile and copy your Bluethumb URL from your profile page (see how to create a custom profile URL using Bluethumb Promote Tools).

    1. Your Bluethumb URL looks like "".

  5. Paste your Bluethumb URL in the 'URL' field.

  6. Add a "Title" - you can write Bluethumb

  7. Click 'Done' once completed.

  8. Go to your instagram home page and you should see the link now showing under your bio.

Just make sure the link is correct. One way to test it is to paste it in your browser (where the website links go) and see if it takes you to your Bluethumb profile.

Please note we do not allow links on Bluethumb's site that take buyers away from Bluethumb.

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