At Bluethumb, we're constantly working hard behind the scenes to create the best and easiest to use tools for our artists. Less admin means more time to paint, right?

So we're proud to introduce the updated Bluethumb artist profile. Available FREE for ALL artists (it's going live 22nd of Jan).

Thanks to all artists who provided the feedback that helped inform these great profile updates. We've listened, and the new profile has been redesigned to present your information more clearly to collectors. It's also a cleaner layout that helps your artworks really shine on the page.

There are many exciting updates compared to the old profile. You can read an overview of the main points below, though for a more visual walkthrough, checkout our short video guide. 

Remember, your Bluethumb profile is there to present yourself to potential collectors in the best possible light, so follow our tips and articles to get the most out of your profile, plus the full suite of your Bluethumb artist tools.

1) Improved Bio customisation

  • Better organise your Education, Exhibition and Prizes info

  • Use the simple drop down menus and separated information boxes

  • The Biography section now has a minimum 200 character count. We find collectors always want to know more about our artists, so a little extra info about you is always a good idea

  • These changes will help display your Bio info more clearly and neatly

  • IMPORTANT - if an existing Bluethumb artist, you'll need to copy/paste your existing Bio information into these new sections. It's a good idea to copy/paste this to a separate page or word processing file first, in case you accidentally lose it!

2) More Artwork sorting options

  • Collectors now have more options to sort your listed Artworks

  • The default is Best Match, which reflects how you have either personally ordered your artworks, or the recency of your uploads

  • If wanting to mix things up a bit, simply head to My Artworks > Reorder 

3) View the curations you feature in

  • Curations are a popular tool for collectors to search for inspiration around a topic or theme

  • On viewing your profile, collectors will now see - and be able to click through to - the curations your artworks have featured in

  • The curations are compiled and managed by the Bluethumb curatorial team. While artists can't request to be included within a certain curation, following our tips on how best to upload, describe and tag your artwork will help the team find your work

4) New Share and Ask A Question buttons

  • One of the most powerful Bluethumb tools is the Share button. This used by both collectors and artists to share works they love

  • Sharing your Bluethumb profile - or a newly uploaded artwork - ensures you are seen throughout your social or email network. We find this works very well to prompt fans to have another look at your profile

  • We often find collectors may have a quick question about an artist or artwork before they make their final purchase, and our local team handles these queries very efficiently. The new Ask A Question button now gives potential collectors a more obvious prompt to get in touch 

  • In most cases our team will answer artist questions on the spot, though if it is a more complex query, one of the team will get in touch with you (usually via phone) to help find an answer. This is another reason to make sure your contact and availability details are always up-to-date

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