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Can I sell & ship glass framed works?
Can I sell & ship glass framed works?

Packing > a recap on how to treat artworks framed behind glass

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Yes - you can sell glass framed works however - shipping artworks behind or made from glass is at the risk of the artist.

Due to the fragile nature of glass, Bluethumb cannot take on any liability for loss or damage while the artwork is in transit as our insurance companies do not insure any packages containing glass.

If you would like to go ahead with selling and packaging your glass framed artwork, please make sure the corners of the artworks are supported with thick cardboard and that the artwork has three or four layers of bubble wrap for protection minimum. Once securely wrapped, place the artwork inside of a sturdy double thickness cardboard box and fill all the free space with more bubble wrap or packing material so that the artwork cannot move whilst in transit. There is no such thing as too much bubble wrap!

Once the box is wrapped up attach fragile stickers and/or fragile tape.

Alternatively you can list works unframed, we offer a framing service on site that the buyer can choose to use. Our framers will handle all the framing elements and they insure all glass works they frame, so any issues with damage they will cover the fix.

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