So you have singed up as an artist and want to get your first work listed, amazing! Below are some best practice tips and tricks to get your started and to help guide you through the process.

Artwork Photos

These are your main selling tool, so these need to be high resolution, well lit, crisp and clear images. We have a really great blog post on how to best photograph your work here that we would recommend reading first.**

  • Primary Photo is the main image that will be shown on site in the New Art section so this needs to be the best full image of the artwork.

  • Ensure you upload as many photos as you can, buyers like to see multiple images. Close ups, images of the side, the back, the signature.

  • Ensure a Framing Preview image is uploaded (this is mandatory)

Artwork Details

Ensuring your artwork is listed correctly with accurate information is key to a successful sale. Most returns are a result of misinformation or incorrectly listed works. Please ensure all information is as detailed and accurate as possible.

  • Medium - whats the work been created with?

  • Surface/Material - what has the work been created on?

  • Does the work have a wire across the back so the buyer can hang straight away?

  • Description - So, the collector is looking at your artwork - put yourself in their shoes and enter everything they'd like to know about your artwork (including texture/paint/medium details, hanging arrangements etc.). What inspired the creation of the work? Whats the story behind it?

  • Signature - Have you signed the work? If so where?

  • Subject & Style - you can choose up to three for each, ensure these are accurate to the listing

  • Image descriptive text - briefly describe how the work physically appears. For more information about what this is used for and why please click here.

  • Keywords - Think about your work - if you had to find it without knowing the artist, the artwork name or your location, how would you? Use words that best describe your artwork. Separate each keyword with a comma (,)


This section allows you to set the availability of the work on our site. There are a few different statuses:

  • Available - will mark your work as available to purchase straight away once you have finalised the listing.

  • Available with delayed dispatch - shows your work on site as available from a stipulated date. We recommend using this function for works that are drying.

  • Unavailable - will list the work on site, but will be given an "Enquire Now" option rather than "Add to Cart". This status is recommended to be used for works which are in exhibitions. It allows buyers to see and view the work but not purchase it until you mark it as available.

  • Mark as Sold - for works that have sold (mainly off our site) this will move the work to the sold section in your profile. Please note you can not move works back to available once sold.

Artwork Size

This section requires the dimensions to be listed for the artwork. The dimensions listed here need to be the actual dimensions of the work that will be received.

  • Measurements listed should be the full size of the finished work that will be sent.

  • If you are listing a diptych, triptych etc. list the combined measurements (e.g. two panels at 40cm x 40cm intended to be listed side by side need to be listed as 80cm x 40cm).

  • There are no negatives (e.g. -1) or special characters used (e.g. $, #, - etc.).

  • If any of the artwork measurements are less then 1 use decimals e.g. 0.1.

  • If the artwork is stretched (or on board) but not ready to hang, uncheck the 'ready to hang'. Although, it's best practice to make hanging arrangements before the artwork is shipped. Sometimes this is what makes or breaks the sale. Either way, please also mention the details of hanging arrangements in the artwork description.


Choose how you wish to ship the work, we recommend:

  • Send boxed for stretched canvases with or without frames and sculptures.

  • Send tubed for unframed canvases or works on paper.

Artwork Pricing

Artists are responsible for pricing their own works.

  • You've read and understand how this section works. Once you enter the amount in the field, you'll be able to see the breakdown of how much you'll receive once the sale is through.

  • Ensure you consider when pricing your work that some buyer may use or ask for discount (we can apply up to a 15% discount on all works, some buyers may ask you directly for higher discount).

  • You may wish to think about incorporating your packaging and supply costs into your pricing.

  • When entering a price, make sure there are no special characters (including $ and ,). This field is only for digits (0-9).

** When you select an image to upload, it shows up immediately but keeps uploading in the background. If the artwork image is heavy or the internet connection is slow, it might take a while for the upload to finish. While the image is uploading, the 'Save' or 'Publish' might be disabled. Once the upload is finished, the button will be active again.

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