Hi Guys,

These are just some best practices while uploading your artworks (there's a video at the end) :)

Artwork Description

So, the collector is looking at your artwork - put yourself in their shoes and enter everything thing they'd like to know about your artwork (including texture/paint/medium details, hanging arrangements etc.)


Think about your work - if you had to find it without knowing the artist, the artwork name or your location, how would you? Use words that best describe your artwork. Separate each keyword with a comma (,)


Make sure:

  • There are no negatives (e.g. -1) or special characters (e.g. $, #, - etc.)

  • If the artwork is unframed (depth and width are less than 1cm), put in 0.1 in each field.

  • If the artwork is stretched (or on board) but not ready to hang, uncheck the 'ready to hang'. Although, it's best practice to make hanging arrangements before the artwork is shipped. Sometimes this is what makes or breaks the sale. Either way, please also mention the details of hanging arrangements in the artwork description.

  • If the artwork is unframed and you want to send it flatpacked, select 'Rolled in tube' option.

  • If the artwork is still wet, don't mark it unavailable for sale. If it sells while it's wet, we can always talk to the collectors and inform them of the delay. They'll be very happy to wait.


Make Sure:

  • You've read and understand how this section works. Once you enter the amount in the field, you'll be able to see the breakdown of how much you'll receive once the sale is through.

  • When entering a price, make sure there are no special characters (including $ and ,). This field is only for digits (0-9).

** When you select an image to upload, it shows up immediately but keeps uploading in the background. If the artwork image is heavy or the internet connection is slow, it might take a while for the upload to finish. While the image is uploading, the 'Save' or 'Publish' might be disabled. Once the upload is finished, the button will be active again.

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