If you are travelling or going on holidays, you can turn your 'Holiday Mode' on. This does not make your artworks unavailable for purchase but notifies the collectors of the delay in dispatch and lets them purchase the work if they're happy to wait.

When you turn the 'Holiday Mode' on, there are no visible changes to your profile or artworks. When a collectors tries to add one of your artworks to their cart, they see a notice to inform them that you're away and the date you're back. If they're happy to wait, they can go ahead with the purchase.

If you'd like to make all your artworks unavailable for purchase for more then 60 days or temporarily deactivate your profile and activate it when you're back. Simply reach out to us and we can do this for you.

  1. Go to 'My Artworks'

  2. Find the 'Holiday Mode' options on the top right

  3. Click on 'Off'

  4. Select your return date and hit 'Save'

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