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Why should I sell on Bluethumb?
Why should I sell on Bluethumb?

Getting started > an overview for Australian artists interested in selling art online with Bluethumb

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Bluethumb hosts a strong selection of talented emerging, mid-career and established Australian artists. Our mission is to help collectors easily find and purchase artwork they love, and to support Australian artists. 

Joining Bluethumb is easy, and completely free. We simply take a 33% commission (30% Commission 3% GST) upon successful sale of your art, which means that if you don't sell any artwork with us, you don't pay a cent. 

One thing to keep in mind when you join up to Bluethumb is that it's really important to keep your profile regularly updated, so that collectors have a reason to keep coming back. 

Click here to read more tips from our artist guide, and get in touch if you have further questions! 

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