As with our featured artists, the artworks we promote elsewhere (eg in staff picks and social media) are chosen independently by our staff. The work we choose to feature depends on a few different factors, including the quality of the work, the quality of the image, the quality of the artist's profile and the other work that we have featured around the same time.  

We really do try to promote as many artists as we possibly can. If you look at our Facebook, Instagram and newsletters, every day we share new artists who we've never shared before. Obviously we have bestsellers that get regularly promoted too, but these artists upload new works every week, do a lot of self promotion and promote Bluethumb as a company.  

A great way to increase your chances of being featured is to regularly update your profile with new works and make sure it's generally as spick and span as possible. Be sure to do your own self promotion too! We love to see artists marketing themselves on social media. 

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