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What happens if my artwork gets returned?
What happens if my artwork gets returned?

Returns > an overview of how returns are treated for Bluethumb artists

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Bluethumb offers collectors a 7-day free returns period. We understand that buying art online can be a little tricky and offering our buyers a returns period helps build trust and get sales across the line.

The 7-day returns period starts from the day the work is delivered to the buyer. Please note that works awaiting collection at an LPO do not count as delivered - the artwork must be physically with the buyer. If the buyer wishes to return the work, they must let us know within this 7-day period.

If the work is returned due to change of mind, we will make sure that the piece gets back to you safely and quickly. Bluethumb will notify you of the artwork being returned, including the reason why, and cover the costs for return shipping and insurance. As long as you packaged the work correctly when you sent it (as per our Packaging Requirements) then the work is also fully insured on its way back to you.

As soon as it arrives back to you and you are able to confirm that the artwork is in good condition, we can move the artwork listing back to your drafts - you can republish the listing at your convenience so it can hopefully find a new home.

We also offer returns on works that have framing purchased through us. If the buyer lives in a metro area, the work will be returned to the framer for removal of the frame and then sent back to you. If the buyer lives in a rural area, the work will be sent directly back to you, frame included at no extra cost.

If the work is being returned due to an issue or for any other reason that is not change of mind, we will be in contact with you to discuss further.

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