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When will I be paid for my artwork?
When will I be paid for my artwork?

Getting paid > estimated payment timings after you have sold an artwork with Bluethumb

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Congratulations on the sale! Payments are processed after the 7 day returns period has passed without a return having been requested.

To outline the time frames for payment:

  • Artwork is delivered (this is counted as day 0)

  • Buyer has 7 days to notify us of a return

  • If no return has been requested on the 8th day we start finalising the order and payment for you.

  • Payment is sent from the 9th day or on the next available pay run date. (We send payments on Tuesdays, Wednesday's and Fridays).

You will receive an email notification when we have paid you for the work, please allow 24-48 hours for the payment to totally reflect into your account, this depends on your banks processing times.

If you have any further questions or you have not received payment after the outlined timeframes above, please contact our Customer Service Team to assist at

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