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How to price your work and pricing requirements for artists on Bluethumb
How to price your work and pricing requirements for artists on Bluethumb

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How do I know how much I should list my artwork for?

The price you put on your artwork is entirely up to you. Here are a few things you can consider to calculate the base price:

  • Cost of materials used.

  • Time spent / intricacy of this artwork.

  • Cost of packaging materials that you'll use to pack this artwork once it's sold.

  • Bluethumb takes 33% commission you will need to factor this in

You will also need to consider what is a good profit margin for you. This varies based on your experience and your work. When listing a work you will need to be happy with the "Your Payment" amount indicated to you on the listing page under the "Artwork Price" section. This is the amount you will be paid for the work if sold through site, by uploading the artwork to site you agree to this payment amount.

We would also suggest looking at similar artworks to yours on site as a reference point.

Ensuring Price Parity

Bluethumb values the vibrant community of artists that makes our platform so unique and diverse. To adhere to pricing requirements on Bluethumb, the final display price (the price that collectors see) should be the same as pricing anywhere else online (e.g. on your personal website, other online platforms).

  • Please be advised that If one of your artworks is listed on another platform, or listed on your social media channels for a lower price, the likely outcome is temporary deactivation from Bluethumb.

  • To have your account re-activated, you will be asked to agree to ensure price parity across all selling platforms. If we see discrepancies on price parity again, Bluethumb reserves the right to deactivate your account permanently without warning.

  • Price parity includes any artworks that may be included in sales and promotions on other platforms/personal websites.

  • Please note that artists attempting to redirect buyers away from our platform using the direct-chat function will also face deactivation.

It's an industry standard and a requirement under Bluethumb's T&C's (see Bluethumb Membership Agreement) to have Bluethumb prices equal to the lowest listed elsewhere. Please remember to regularly review all of your listings.

Consistent pricing helps with buyer confidence and increases conversions. We express our gratitude to artists who engage directly with buyers on social media and kindly guide them back to Bluethumb if that's where they first discovered the artwork. You are legends who make the entire community stronger. Please be sure to tell us when you do so, so that we can thank you properly.

Price Gouging

Price gouging is prohibited on our platform. Price Gouging is the practice of increasing the cost of goods as a direct result of demand. In Bluethumbs case this means directly increasing the work's value after a buyer or staff enquiry on it.

While we understand an artists work may go up in value over their lifetime what is not allowed is increasing the value of a work directly after a buyer or staff enquires.

Increasing the price or your work in incremental amounts over time is totally fine on site, or even if you suddenly win a big art prize (congrats!). It is the artist's responsibility to ensure their work is correctly listed at all times, including price. Logging in regularly and updating your listings is the best way to stay on top of this. Don't wait for someone to ask about it to realise its incorrectly listed.

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