The price you put on your artwork is entirely up to you.

Here are a few things you can consider to calculate the base price:

  • Cost of materials used.

  • Time spent / intricacy of this artwork.

  • Cost of packaging materials that you'll use to pack this artwork once it's sold.

With this as the base price - you should consider what's a good profit margin for you. This varies based on your experience and the intricacy of your work.

To adhere to pricing requirements on Bluethumb, the final display price (the price that collectors see) should be the same as pricing anywhere else online (e.g. on your personal website, other online platforms). If the artwork is listed on another platform for a lower price, Bluethumb (on the request of the collector) can match the price to the lowest available price.

It's an industry standard and a requirement under Bluethumb's t's & c's to have Bluethumb prices equal to the lowest listed elsewhere. Some platforms will have different commissions and your website wouldn't include a commission but, the price displayed for an individual artwork should be the same on all platforms. Consistent pricing really helps with buyer confidence and increases conversions. With inconsistent pricing, we'll notify you to update but failure to do so might result in de-activation of your account on Bluethumb.

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