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[Galleries] How can I ship the artwork myself?
[Galleries] How can I ship the artwork myself?

How do I provide the invoice number for the recent sale from our art center?

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Worry not! The video snippet below will help answer both these questions -ย 

You can simply go to 'Sold Art' from your gallery's dashboard. Once there, just click on 'Book Courier' and you'll see the option to use our courier service ('Book via Bluethumb') or send it using your own courier services ('Send it Yourself') and just share the tracking and invoice details with us.ย 

When you use your own courier services and provide the invoice and other details, we will reimburse full allocated shipping cost to you along with the payment of the artwork ๐Ÿ‘.

It's important to understand that when you use your own courier services, Bluethumb doesn't stand liable for artwork shipping insurance and delivery services. In case there's damage or loss of artwork, the insurance case and related communication will have to be handled from your end. Also, in such cases, the collector will have to be refunded in full immediately (from our end). We always try our best to offer them to commission an artwork from you based on the original or purchase another one of yours. Although, if they don't agree to go ahead with this, the sale will have to be cancelled altogether.

When choosing insurance for your artwork, please make sure it's 'Fine Art Insurance' and not just general insurance. Most of the courier companies don't provide insurance for 'Original fine art' as these are deemed 'irreplaceable'. So, make sure that you purchase fine art insurance.

If you have more questions in this regard, feel free to consult us. Even if you're not using our couriers, we're happy to guide you as best we can to use your own.

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